This version of the Code was launched on 22nd September
Development of this site will continue

The Muirburn Code

Management of Moorland by Burning and Cutting 

Laurie Campbell

This version of the Muirburn Code was produced for the Scottish Government by Scotland’s Moorland Forum and published on 22nd September 2017.

There is a full list of the Contents of the draft Code available from the Contents link at the bottom of each page.  

  • Home – these pages describe the site;
  • Regulation covers the guidance that MUST be taken into account in sections that cover: Regulation issues, Protected Areas and Protected Species
  • The Management section includes a Planning for Muirburn Table and sections that cover Burning and Cutting.
  • The Good Practice Management section covers some specific considerations associated with Muirburn and Peatland, Muirburn for Grazing Management and Muirburn for Grouse Moor Management.
  • The Information Section contains extra guidance as Supplementary Information a Reading List of research papers and a Contact Form to allow direct contact with the Muirburn Group.


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