1 February 2017 – this site is live but is still under development


The Review of the Muirburn Code

Management of Moorland Vegetation by Burning and Cutting 


In recognition of the importance of muirburn in the management of moorland and upland areas, the Scottish Government has commissioned Scotland’s Moorland Forum to review the Muirburn Code.

There is a full list of the Contents of the draft Code available from the Contents link at the bottom of each page.  The website has been structured to group the guidance under four headings:

Development of the Revised Codedetails

Comments & Feedbackdetails

Muirburn Code Review Blogposts about the review


Please note: Any information contained on this site will not replace the existing Muirburn Code, which is available on the Scottish Government’s website, until a formal announcement is made.  This will not happen during the current muirburn season that ends on 15th April 2017.

For further information about the review process contact Scotland’s Moorland Forum.