1.1 Key Features of the Code

The Muirburn Code covers the management of vegetation using burning techniques and/or cutting equipment. It applies to unenclosed land in the upland and moorland areas of Scotland, but the Code is also relevant to lowland heaths and grass-dominated, unenclosed land.

The Code relates to all reasons for carrying out muirburn; for grazing, conservation, deer, grouse moor management and the management of fuels for public safety. The term grazing management includes muirburn carried out as part of crofting and farming activities.

This revision of the Code introduces the requirement for practitioners to take into account the important natural services that the land provides. Measures are required to maximise the benefits from muirburn activity and minimise the negative impacts.

The guidance in the main Code contains the key information that all practitioners should be familiar with before carrying out muirburn. This is supplemented by details contained in the Additional Information.

DisclaimerThis Code is intended to provide guidance for the owners and managers of land intending to carry out muirburn.  It is not a comprehensive reference source; it is highly recommended that other sources of information are referred to and that advice is sought from experienced practitioners.The Muirburn Code does not constitute legal or other professional advice.  No liability whatsoever can be accepted by the Scottish Government for any action that is taken based on the information contained in this Code.