Burning Day Checklist

1Preparations for Burning checklistConfirm that all checks in the Preparations for Burning Table have been completed.
2Fire & Rescue ServiceNotify the appropriate Fire & Rescue Service Control Centre before burning each day. Details required by SFRS
3Warning SignsErect warning signs, if burning close to popular areas for public access.
4Weather conditionsObtain a weather forecast. MetOffice forecast.
- Is the weather suitable for burning now and how is it expected change during the day? The wind speed should not be above Force 3, 13-19 km/hr (8-12 mph).
- Is the condition of the vegetation suitable for burning safely?
- Decide where to burn in the expected weather conditions. If conditions change, re-assess.
5BriefingCarefully brief sufficient people to carry out the planned burning programme safely. At least one person should know the area well.
6Risk AssessmentReview the Risk Assessment and confirm it is acceptable to proceed.
7EquipmentMake sure that all equipment required for safe burning is available and fully serviceable.
8Burning TeamCheck that the burning teams are properly dressed and equipped.
9Back-up teamConfirm that extra people are on call to assist, if necessary.
10FirebreaksPrepare firebreaks before lighting fires. The firebreaks to be used or created will depend on the conditions on the day.
11Test FireChoose a safe place for a test fire to check fire behaviour and control methods. Alter methods and review the risk assessment. Only burn if the risks are acceptable.
12WelfareFirst aid kits should be carried and drinks should be available.
13Fire & Rescue ServiceNotify the appropriate Fire & Rescue Service Control Centre on completion, each day.