Burning Plan

A robust burning plan allows some control over the threats that can be created by burning.  As well as the information within this Code, details of some of the issues that need to be considered to produce a burning plan are provided in Supplementary Information – Planning for burning.

The plan should include:

  • Objectives of burning.
  • Choosing where to burn.
  • Choosing when to burn.
  • Choosing how to burn.
  • Where and when not to burn.
  • How to reduce risks.
  • Equipment
  • Where and how to record what has been burnt.

Preparations for Burning Table | PDF | provides a checklist for the preparation phase.

Burning Day Checklist Table | PDF | lists the actions required on the day that burning is to take place.

Burning Plan Template (WORD|PDF) which may help with planning your annual muirburn (to be used in conjunction with the checklists above).