See Supplementary Information – Planning for Cutting

Management by Cutting

Cutting, on its own or in combination with burning, is an important vegetation management technique.  Increasingly, cutting is used in support of burning, and significant benefits from the combined approach can be achieved.  Cutting can create firebreaks before burning starts, or even ahead of a fire that is out of control.  Cutting can be a substitute for burning in appropriate circumstances.  Some practitioners manage their heather using specialist cutting equipment alone, and this can be very effective.

Cutting is much less hampered by the weather, requires fewer people, and carries a very low wildfire risk.

Where cutting can be used

Cutting is restricted to areas where there is access to the land for machinery and where the ground conditions allow the cutting machinery to work safely and without causing damage.

Cutting equipment

A wide and versatile range of cutting equipment is available.

Cutting equipment can be heavy and very powerful.  If handled badly, it can cause injury to operators and damage to vegetation, above ground archaeology and the equipment itself.