Liaison with the Fire Service

If a fire is reported and it is not possible to verify that it is muirburn under control, the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service (SFRS) will attend.  To reduce unnecessary call-outs, on the day of muirburn, the person in charge of burning (the Responsible Person) should telephone the appropriate SFRS Control Centre (see the coverage map):

  • North:  01382 835804
  • East:   0131 228 1367
  • West:  01505 331661 or 0141 887 1188

The following information should be provided:

  • The name of the Responsible Person.
  • The position of the centre of the area where burning is planned to take place:
    • Direction & distance from the nearest village or town.
    • Six figure grid reference.
    • Example: 7 miles north of Blair Atholl, NN 853778
  • Start time and expected finish time of burning.
  • Contact mobile telephone number for the Responsible Person, and in case the primary telephone number is unavailable, a back-up telephone number, which will be monitored throughout the time that the muirburn is taking place (for example: the estate / farm office / home number).
  • Number of people taking part.

The Responsible Person should contact the Control Centre again, when burning operations have been completed and all fires are out.


Back-pack sprayer to apply water (Photo credit: The Heather Trust)