Planning for Muirburn

1Read and understand this Code.In particular, sections:
- Regulation of Burning & Cutting
- Protected Areas & Species and Sensitive Areas
2Define the land that is being considered.Use maps or aerial photographs
3Identify the management purpose and desired outcome, and decide whether burning and/or cutting might meet the objective.Indicate areas where burning or cutting might achieve the objectives.
Consider the interaction of other planned management activity, especially grazing.
Consider alternatives to burning.
Decide whether burning, cutting, or other management is desirable.
4Identify and note all the features, and assets at risk from burning or cutting on a map or aerial photo. Include:
- Property e.g. fences, gates, buildings, power lines, pipelines, roads and tracks.
- Biodiversity assets e.g. special habitats, wildlife, peatland bogs, scrub, woodland.
4Identify all protected areas, protected species, sensitive areas and fire-free areas.Show these areas on a map.
Consider whether external advice is required.
5Check if any consents are required for the proposed work.Contact Scottish Natural Heritage or Historic Environment Scotland if required.
6Review the management options.For the factors to consider, see Supplementary Information: To Burn, to Cut or do Neither
7Prepare a more detailed plan if you decide to burn or cut.See the Burning and Cutting sections


Also, see the checklists Preparations for Burning and Burning Day Check List