Preparations for Burning

1Consult your burning planThis should identify where, when and how to burn, and the constraints on burning.
2Obtain consentsIf required from government agencies, to ensure that the proposed muirburn will comply with all relevant legislation.
3Inform the proprietor of the land concerned and occupiers within 1km of the proposed location where it is intended to burn.Notification must be given in writing after the end of the previous muirburn season, but not later than seven days before starting muirburn. For full details of the requirement, see Burning Do's & Don'ts.
4Prepare EquipmentPreparations should be completed prior to the start of each burning season, so that burning can take place as soon as conditions are suitable.
5Staff preparationsIdentify the people (minimum 3) to form burning teams, provide additional training, if necessary, and brief them on what will be required from them on a burning day. Consider first aid training, with a view to having a trained first aider in each burning team.
6Warning NoticesIf burning is planned close to popular areas for public access, consider preparing warning / interpretation signs.
7Liaison with the Scottish Fire & Rescue ServiceSend a written fire plan to the appropriate SFRS Control Centre. Contact details.
8Emergency PlanPrepare an emergency plan and identify back-up help that can be mobilised by VHF radio (where a network exists) or by mobile phone (check the mobile phone coverage in the area).
9InsuranceCheck that there is adequate third party and employer's liability insurance cover in place for burning operations.
10Risk AssessmentPrepare a Health & Safety Risk Assessment