Existing Vegetation Cover

Woodland, woodland edges and small trees/scrub

  • Fire spreading into these areas can be damaging.
  • Areas of native oak, tree birches, aspen, Scots pine, or willow are of particular value and should not be burned unless part of a woodland management plan.
  • Burning juniper bushes will be damaging as the bushes will not resprout after burning.
  • Management may take place adjacent to woodland areas to maintain important open habitats or to create the seedbed conditions suitable for native woodland regeneration.

Bracken areas

  • Fire does not control bracken, and burning is likely to promote bracken expansion.
  • Bracken should be controlled using other techniques.
  • See the bracken control website brackencontrol.co.uk

Areas of tall and old heather

  • It is important to keep a mosaic of old and young heather to benefit the widest range of wildlife, including insects.
  • Old heather is also important for some nesting bird species.

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