Summits, ridges and other areas very exposed to the wind.

  • Vegetation in these areas is controlled by the high winds, so burning would have no benefit and would risk removing the vegetation cover leading to erosion.
  • These conditions are most likely to occur:
    • Above 300 m in the north-west,
    • Above 600 m in the south-east, and
    • In very exposed areas at lower altitudes, near to the coast or where the wind is funnelled through a pass.

Steep hillsides and gullies.

  • Fires on steep slopes are more difficult to control.
    • On a slope greater than 1 in 3 (180), burning should only be carried out by experienced people using appropriate techniques and equipment.
    • Slopes steeper than 1 in 2 (260) should be avoided altogether.
  • Burning in gullies should only be attempted with great caution; they can act like a chimney, drawing air upwards and increasing the intensity of a fire.

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