Water Features

See Additional Information No.3 – Water management – for further details. Not yet drafted – SEPA to make recommendation about requirement.

Edge of watercourses

  • Vegetation at the edge of watercourse is important to protect the banks from erosion and reduce water run-off.
  • Generally, management free buffer zones must be maintained against watercourse.
  • The width of the buffer zones should be 10m for watercourses less than 2m wide, and 20m where the watercourse is more than 2m wide.
  • The requirement for a buffer can only be waived on grounds of safety when it can be shown that a watercourse is the only effective anchor or the only practical type of firebreak.

Acid Sensitive Catchments

  • Additional precautions are required when planning muirburn in the catchment of a water body current failing or at risk of failing Good Ecological Status due to acidification.

Flood Risk

  • Bare soil must be avoided and additional restrictions on burning and cutting may be required in high risks, if identified by SNH, SEPA or other agencies.

Drinking Water Catchments

  • If Scottish Water or SEPA identify problems in drinking water catchment, additional restrictions on cutting and burning may be required to reduce the impact of run-off on drinking water quality.

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